The first time you experience Helsinki-born Sam Huber’s music, you hear nostalgic references to legends like Bowie and Prince mixed with the contemporary beats of hip-hop, soul and funk—it’s a modern urban hybrid that refuses to fit neatly into any box. Discovery has always been at the forefront of this singer-songwriter and bandleader’s genre-defying, fearlessly experimental musical approach. And it’s this same spirit of discovery that has finally led him to the U.S. to expand and redefine his sound.

The result is an authentic, spontaneous sound that is at once retro and contemporary. The first single, “Turn Around” (also the title track of Huber’s forthcoming True Groove EP), is an exploration of good vs. evil set to a heavy trap rhythm. Inspired by the 2016 American presidential election, Huber embodies an oppressive tyrant as he shouts, “I don’t care about the consequences / I’m the meanest SOB on the planet / It feels so good when I shake you down.” The ‘good’ is represented by a gospel refrain pleading that “we need to change.”

Huber’s ambition and passion for music is undeniable, as is his devotion to  a universal sound that transcends boundaries, boxes and genres.

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Funk is fun and Sam, as gifted a front man as you will ever see, is willing to give 100% in pursuit of a good time. Huber was as exciting and liberating a figure as you could possibly imagine. The audience howled its appreciation of the “funkiest man in Scandinavia” in his pursuit of a good time.